24-7 Rapid Response Banking was Specially designed to provide a centralized and automated solution to the monitoring electronic security for banks and financial institutions to protect its branches, vaults, treasuries, armored and cash-transporting vehicles, senior executives and employees, and more.


Main monitoring module – Web Monitoring: Multi-format and multi-user alarm monitoring software, specially designed to be used by banks and financial institutions, with multiple schedules control by zones and vaults, and test control through various links (telephone, GPRS, IP, radio, etc.).

  • Alarm attendance procedure
  • Recent event history
  • Simultaneous attendance of events
  • Video verification

Video Veri­fication: It allows the operator the visualization of online video images for the verifi­cation of alarm events of the di‑erent branches. Does not include hardware an the subscriber branch for the transmission / recording of images (pc or digital recorder with connectivity).

Corporate Client Web Access: It gives access through the internet to the managers – regional supervisors to graphical information of branches, with status of each one (On / o‑) and received alarm events

Corporate Web Client Mobile Access: This module has been specially designed to operate taking into account the high availability of Smartphones and tablets among corporate and ­nal users, who want to access to safety information about your protected alarm system.

24-7 Rapid Response  Banking includes:

  • Implementation
  • Con­guration
  • Start Up
  • 2 years after sales 24/7 full technical support
  • Update with improvements
  • Permanent training